Why can't I log into Membership Services?

Check these first…

Wrong callsign

Your username is the callsign you registered with the RSGB either when you joined or subsequently notified to us.

If you did not have a callsign when you joined, then your callsign is your RSGB Membership number prefixed by the letters RS.

For example if your Membership number was 123456 and you didn’t register a callsign, then enter RS123456 as your callsign.

Wrong password

Your default password is your six digit RSGB membership number, i.e. 123456—leave off any leading zeros you may see in front of the number.

On the Membership Services login dialog box there is a Forgot Your Password option which you can use to get your password emailed to you if you lose or forget it.

Once you login, you can use the Reset Password service to set a new password.

Overdue or expired Membership

If your RSGB Membership subscription is overdue or has expired you will not be able to log into the website.

To renew your Membership go to, or if you prefer, by calling the Membership Department on +44 (0)1234 832 700.

Yes, that’s all OK and I’m still locked out!

Click below to raise a support ticket with the RSGB Web and IT Helpdesk.

Please make sure you include your surname and any of the following to help us identify your account quickly; callsign, RSGB membership number, or your postcode.


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